Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What Do You Want Most?

Have you ever really thought about what you really want most in detail? I’m not talking about a vague statement like “I want to be rich” or “I want to lose weight”. You must describe in detail the exact about of money you want or the precise amount of weight you need to lose. Once you have done this you must set a date by when you want to achieve your goal.
For example my last goal was to find love. I had this intention at the start of 2010 and desired the result by my birthday in June. In May I met the most amazing, incredibly handsome man, who played the roll of “knight in shining armor” the first night I met him! The story is a bit long and I will share it with you in another blog post. I ended up falling pretty hard (has did he =) and we are still together!

Visualize Your Dream

After you have written down your goal the next step is to spend time visualizing your dream. My own personal opinion is that this is one of the hardest steps in the process.  I struggled with this tip for year before I found a technique that works! Many success principle gurus have similar guidelines for this step. Jack Canfield suggests closing your eyes for several minutes each day and visualizing the dream as if it has been achieved.  This must be done EVERY day for at least 3 months! Also it's important to back the visualization with positive feels! 

What techniques do you use to help you visualize? Please share your tips by posting a comment! It might help other readers!

Hypnosis: A Powerful Visualization Tool

I asked readers to post their visualization tips under the Visualize Your Dreams post.  Now I'm about to share with you my favorite tool that has helped me.

I know what your thinking, “Hypnosis?! I’m not going to do that! That’s CRAZY!” I agree that hypnosis doesn’t always have the most positive connotations associated with it. My first impressions of hypnosis involved Vegas shows that hypnotized people on stage and made them do ridiculous things such as act like monkeys! Lol! The hypnosis techniques I’m talking about are NOTHING like this. I promise!

Think of hypnosis as a visualization session. The hypnotherapist I work with is amazing! I used one of her CD’s to help visualize my goal of attracting my love. In the session I was guided to relax the muscles in my body. After that she guided me through a visualization of having love and then used positive affirmations to make me believe I deserved it! The session on the CD I bought is about 30 minutes long and I listened to it every day for 4 months before I found my amazing man.

I’ve used hypnosis as a visualization technique to achieve several other goals with amazing results! My hypnotherapist has many programs to choose from including ones to help with weight loss, memory, and many more. The important thing to remember about ANY visualization technique is that you must stick with it and do it every day for at least 3 months! The visualization step requires effort but it’s worth it!

Give hypnosis a try to help you with visualizations or use your own visualization tools.

If you would like more information about how I've used hypnosis as a tool, please check out my two ezine articles that have more info:
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You can also find out more about hypnosis by clicking ---->  here  

The Importance of Gratitude

Setting time aside to visualize your dream is a great step in the right direction. The next step I’m about to disclose is VERY IMPORTANT. It’s practicing gratitude!  After you have finished your visualization take a sheet of paper and write down ten things you are grateful for.  If you are feeling really appreciative continue on till you reach the bottom of the page! Do this every single time you end a visualization session.  There are so many amazing blessings that we have in life but we often overlook them and focus on the negative.  Appreciate the blessings life has gifted you with as often as possible!  The last can be hard to get into the habit of doing but if you start with your list of ten things you are headed in the right direction!

Let’s Recap The Last Few Blog Posts To Help You Achieve A Goal

  1. Write down what you want in detail
  2. Visualize the end result/ hyponsis session
  3. Make a gratitude list of ten things you are thankful for

One last note; Don’t put this off till tomorrow. Act NOW!


May the joy be with you!


-Charlotte Ashley

Monday, December 27, 2010

Outreach Programs/ Nonprofit Organizations

I believe that giving back to the community helps make this wold a better place.  I will donate 10% of my profit generated from this blog to the organizations listed below.  They are all very near to my heart and have changed my life in positive ways! 

The Rainforest Alliance
One of my yoga instructors exposed me to this fabulous company.  The Rainforest Alliance helps ensure responsible use of fragile ecosystems.  To find out more visit 

The New Mexico Ballet Company
Some of you may already know that I grew up in Albuquerque, NM.  When I was younger, I was a ballerina for the New Mexico Ballet Company.  I had the most amazing experience with this company and really enjoyed dancing in The Nutcracker at Popejoy Hall.  This amazing company puts on a beautiful Nutcracker each year with local dancers and has even had some famous New York City Ballet ballerinas dance in several shows!  The NMBC provides great cultural events for the Albuquerque/ Santa Fe area and I am proud to support such a marvelous company.  To donate or find out more about this organization please visit 

The SPCA of Texas
 When I started my 2nd bachelors degree in mechanical engineering at UT-Arlington I decided to adopt a cat.  I found a beautiful  tortoiseshell at the SPCA of Texas adoption center by my house.  This one year old cat was transferred in from a different shelter that had her for several months.  The SPCA of Texas took her in and saved her life! I ended up calling this beautiful cat Tahiti and feel very blessed to have her in my life.  I can't thank this organization enough for saving Tahiti and many other animals' lives.  This is truly an organization I love donating to.  To find out more about this organization please visit

My little pumkin, Tahiti!