Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hypnosis: A Powerful Visualization Tool

I asked readers to post their visualization tips under the Visualize Your Dreams post.  Now I'm about to share with you my favorite tool that has helped me.

I know what your thinking, “Hypnosis?! I’m not going to do that! That’s CRAZY!” I agree that hypnosis doesn’t always have the most positive connotations associated with it. My first impressions of hypnosis involved Vegas shows that hypnotized people on stage and made them do ridiculous things such as act like monkeys! Lol! The hypnosis techniques I’m talking about are NOTHING like this. I promise!

Think of hypnosis as a visualization session. The hypnotherapist I work with is amazing! I used one of her CD’s to help visualize my goal of attracting my love. In the session I was guided to relax the muscles in my body. After that she guided me through a visualization of having love and then used positive affirmations to make me believe I deserved it! The session on the CD I bought is about 30 minutes long and I listened to it every day for 4 months before I found my amazing man.

I’ve used hypnosis as a visualization technique to achieve several other goals with amazing results! My hypnotherapist has many programs to choose from including ones to help with weight loss, memory, and many more. The important thing to remember about ANY visualization technique is that you must stick with it and do it every day for at least 3 months! The visualization step requires effort but it’s worth it!

Give hypnosis a try to help you with visualizations or use your own visualization tools.

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